About Gretel

About Gretel; a survival, crafting adventure game.

As the Gretel, build, explore and survive in the dangerous forest. Fight to survive against mysterious Druids of the forest. If you can survive, maybe you can find out what happened to your twin brother and who kidnapped him.

First of all, you must survive. You will get hungry, thirsty and hunt for them. You have to build shelter by cutting trees in the dangerous forest. And craft tools to survive. But be careful! The society of Druids, which is not known where it came from in the forest, will find you. The real question is: who brought them to this forest. Or might it have anything to do with your kidnapped twin brother?

Key Features

  • Build shelter by cutting any trees in the dangerous forest. Gather food and cook them with camp fire.
  • Explore and be careful. The society of Druids is your enemy, fight them or run away if you are weak.
  • Craft weapons and tools for survive.
  • Unravel the mystery. Track down the lost twin brother.

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